Null Maps is the blog and online musings of Daniel Marvin. Most of the work you will find on this site consists of writings on topics such as Mathematics, Politics, Physics, Religion, Technology, and Philosophy.

Who Am I?

My name is Daniel and I'm a bit of a polymath. I'm a mathematician, scientist, engineer, reseacher, writer, composer, musician, technologist, dog-parent, son, boyfriend, geek, self-appointed philosopher, nature enthusiast, scotch taster, science fiction fanboy, amateur astronomer, and more. I can claim a lot of nouns, but ultimately I am really passionate about learning, discovering new things, and exploring the world around me.

Programming Language Experience

I know quite a few programming languages because I think of them as tools in a toolbox. Depending on the project, different languages offer greater benefit than others.


Here is my GPG Public Key for sending encrypted messages. You can reach me at daniel [at] nullmap [dot] org.