Null Maps contains bite-sized posts presenting mathematical, computational, and programmatic methods. I'll occasionally include posts about stuff that has some resemblence to important topics, but most of it these posts are of a "how-to", documentation-esque nature.

Disclaimer I'll also officially declare that my posts are exclusively my own views and work. Therefore, unless explicitly stated, all of the views expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views, agendas, or perspectives of the companies, academic institutions, or organizations with which I am associated.


I enjoy learning, teaching, and writing and this site is the result of these activities. It offers a large collection of articles and posts covering a broad range of topics, some information on my current and past projects, and some other odds and ends.

It's official – Julia has become my absolute favourite programming language. It's extremely powerful, versatile, mostly functional, and offers speeds comparable to C in many cases and it's a hell of a lot faster than most other languages in other cases. I've built this site using the Julia Language with the extremely powerful and customizable Franklin.jl static website generator. In the near future I will be adding some underlying webservices using Genie.jl to add search functionality for the posts.

Most Recent Articles & Posts

All Posts includes posts organized into topics of: Mathematics, Computation, Opinions, System Operations, Code Challenge Solutions, and Graduate Exam Solutions. Since I have a ton of posts and I didn't feel like manually fixing all of the dates, the dates I am using are based on the modified date and creation dates. However, I recently needed to modify how the posts were organized which required moving them into some subdirectories ultimately causing the dates to be a little wonky.

Recent Projects

Read about my current and past projects in the projects section.