In this section, I include a variety of topics relating to mathematics from pure to applied and everything in between.

Proving the Axioms of a Group
Euler's Totient Function
Overton Window Shift Points and Elasticity
Collatz Conjecture
Difference Approximations of the Derivative
Computing Weighted Mean of Distance to Star Cluster
Complex Numbers in Julia
Counting Digits
Computing the Modular Inverse
Diophantine Equations
Discrete Random Variables
Distance Between Points
Einstein Summation Notation
Equivalence Classes
Finding a Trend Line with Least Squares
Fermat Primality Test
Evaluating Triple Integrals with SymPy_jl
Linear Algebra Operations
Metric Tensors
Midpoint Formula
Poisson Distributions
Position, Velocity, and Acceleration
Prime Sieve
Properties of Divisibility
Riemann Sums
Rules of Integration
Using Sigmoid Functions
Using Taylor Series
Chinese Remainder Theorem
Basic Probability Rules
Applying Fermat's Little Theorem
Areas and Volumes
Metric Spaces
Digital Roots
Computing Geodesics
Deriving Trigonometric Identities
Binet's Formula
How Many Earths
A Fibonacci Implementation
Fermat's Little Theorem
Minimum Paths
Representing Graphs
How To Analyze a Function
Trapezoidal Rule
Linear Interpolation
Euler's Method for Initial Value Problems
Horner's Rule
Lagrangian Multipliers
Jacobi Symbols
Intersecting Lines
Cross Product


Computational methods, algorithms, and other things related to computer science and engineering.

Rotating Integers
Emacs Survival Guide
Jaro Distance
A* Algorithm in C
Variation on Selection Sort
Bisection Method
Quick Sort
Multidimensional Plots in Julia
Secant Method
Sum of Elements in an Array
Bubble Sort
Plotting Vectors
The Original LinkedList
Iterating Over Partitions
Leveraging the Type System
Peasant Multiplication
Bit Masking and Shifting
Web Scraping and Data Visualization
Levenshtein Distance
Planar Orthogonality
Indexing from One
Binary Search
Right-to-Left Exponentiation
Representing Objects in Julia
Find Max or Min
Building Generators


Opinion pieces covering religion, politics, philosophy. Here be dragons!

System Operations

Topics relating to Linux, MacOS, system operations, systems administration, and development ops.

Code Challenge Solutions

Code challenge solutions from Project Euler, 99 Problems, Codewars, and more. The code is in various languages but mostly C, C++, Julia, and Haskell.

Graduate Exam Solutions

Explained solutions to problems from various practice graduate exams in the fields of math, physics, computer science, and astrophysics.